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Currently: The Bachelorette Season 14


The Rose Reckoner

Currently: Bachelorette 14


The Rose Reckoner is a website to help you play Bachelor(ette) Fantasy League. There are lots of ways to use the site, from keeping track of scores all the way to helping you run your own league.

This site primarily exists as a fan site for the Rose Buddies podcast. If you're looking for a league, you might want to check out the associated Facebook group.

Don't understand Fantasy Leagues? Confused about what this site does? Read this lil' blurb.

Learn how to use the site and read the rules. We use the latest Rose Buddies rules.

You're here to play, not to read. Skip the wall of text and get straight to the competition.

What the Heck is This?

Bachelor(ette) Fantasy League is a lot like other fantasy sports: you draft a team of champions (in this case contestants on the Bachelor or Bachelorette) and score points when they do noteworthy things. In a traditional fantasy sport that would be something like "Your team member scored a goal". In this case it's something like "Your contestant was visibly drunk".

There are rules for how you pick your team and replenish it when contestants start getting eliminated, but at this point you should get the gist of it. The purpose of this site is to serve as a guide, record impartial scores for each candidate, and serve as a platform for managing leagues online. You can read more about that below.

Video Intro

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The Rules

A season pretty much goes like this: you play against other people in a league (usually around 4 people per league is best). At the beginning of the season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette, each person takes turns selecting players to add to their team (this is called the draft). During each episode, each person accumulates points when anybody on their team does anything points-worthy. At the end of the season, the person who's team got the most points wins. This site uses the Rose Buddies rules. You can read that page for the details, or read below for a quick summary.

There are a couple of phases you should need to know about:

League Formation: In other words, figure out who you're going to be playing with. One way to play is to get together with some friends for a watch party and keep track of your team amongst your friends. In that case, you can use the site as a record for how many points each contestant scored so you don't have to keep track yourself. You can also play in an online league, which you can read about below.

Drafting: Around the first episode, players take turns selecting a candidate to build their team. Each team has three contestants from the show, and no two teams may be identical. At the beginning of the season, a contestant is allowed to be placed on two teams, but by hometowns a contestant is exclusive to one team.

Scoring: When any candidate does something on the show that is worthy of points, those points go to the team (or teams) that drafted that contestant. The exhaustive list of things that earn points is here, though if you're using this site you can just check out the points total as they are recorded on the site here.

Redrafting: As contestants are eliminated from the show, players have the chance to replenish their fantasy team with "free agent" players that aren't already spoken for. At the end of each Rose Ceremony, players with vacancies should take turns filling their empty spots. Teams with lower points have priority in choosing. Also, the team in last place may choose to swap out one of their team members with a free agent at the end of the episode.

Get Started

First Steps

Where you start depends on how you want to play. One common way to play is to get together with friends and manage your teams amongst yourselves. In that case, you probably just need to read the rules, and check out the reference scores for the latest episode. If you want the site to manage your team for you, you'll need to create an account. If you are playing online with friends, you'll probably want to create your own league. If you want the site to place you in an open league, you can do that too.

Create an account or sign in. You'll need this to create or join a league. It's free and you can use Facebook

If you want to watch the show with fellow Rose Buddies, you can check out if there are any local events here

View the scores as they've adapted over time. See scores from past weeks and seasons.

Next Steps

The thing this site is really most about is tracking and visualizing data from the Bachelor and Bachelorette. Here you go: