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Currently: The Bachelorette Season 14


The Rose Reckoner

Currently: Bachelorette 14



The Rose Reckoner does not accept donations. There is a longer explanation for why this is the case below. If you have some spendin' cash, I suggest you instead get/boost a membership to Maximum Fun with Rose Buddies as one of your shows or donate to SafePlace, a charity featured on Rose Buddies. If you'd like to show your appreciation for the Rose Reckoner, just mention it in your donation or let me know.

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Why no Donations?
The short answer is that the Rose Reckoner is a fan site and its audience is largely built from the Rose Buddies listenership. I feel that any money that would go to the Rose Reckoner should rightly go to Rose Buddies instead. I also think of the site as a kind of tribute to Rose Buddies and the community. It's sort of against the spirit of the thing to be get paid back for a tribute.

Then why is there a donation page?

I've really been touched by the words of users that proposed donating. Even though the site isn't taking donations, if felt pretty rude not to at least offer an explanation to these incredibly nice people. If you were interested in donating to the Rose Reckoner thank you so much! Your thought means a lot to me. I'll spend the rest of the page trying to address some of the points that have been brought up with regards to donating.

Wouldn't money ensure that the site doesn't shut down?

Look, I'd be lying if I said the money wouldn't be a nice bonus, but it would be just that: a bonus. Let's be honest, this will never be a full-time job, so the greatest threat to the Rose Reckoner is a lack of interest. You can stave that off by contributing to Rose Buddies, since they are the primary driver of interest to the site and their encouragement has been a huge honor. I'm immensely proud of the compliments I've received from strangers and of the interest from people for whom I have enormous professional admiration. That's reward enough to keep it running.

At the same time, The Rose Reckoner is such a small monthly expense that I probably spend more on boxed wine and Hearthstone (and I'm basically F2P in Hearthstone 😉 ).

Wouldn't money make the site work better?

Well, yes and no.

If terms of upgrading the infrastructure, I don't think it's necessary (yet): While traffic spikes have overwhelmed the infrastructure in the past, I moved to a more capable hosting solution in January 2017 that's well within my budget. Thus far, even at peak load the server only uses about 50% of its capacity:

The most likely bottlenecks for the Rose Reckoner are CPU and Memory usage, but both are well within acceptable levels. Unsurprisingly, spikes tend to occur during episodes of the show. An important resource not pictured is bandwidth, of which less than 2% of the monthly quota has been used.

Capping out my budget would roughly correspond to doubling the server's capacity, but so far that just seems wasteful. At the same time, there is probably a great deal of optimization and reconfiguration that could be done for efficiency's sake before taking that step.

If you mean hiring coders, I don't want to worry about managing people and reviewing code. In that sense, money wouldn't help here either. This stance might be frustrating to you if you've been bitten by a bug on the site, but I've been down that road before and it's just no fun for me, even though I'm sure a lot of y'all are way better than me at coding. Maybe someday I'll open source the site and accept pull requests, but I want to actually clean up and stabilize the codebase first. However, I am looking for some help in other ways (see below)

Couldn't money improve the site in new ways?

Ok, you got me there. There are definitely some things that I could buy to improve the site, particularly sound and art assets. I'm hoping to put out a call for volunteers for these things when they're really needed. If money ever becomes absolutely necessary for a feature, then I'll probably have to take a good hard look at whether that feature is really worth it. If so, I'd consider a narrowly-scoped fundraiser. That being said, its unlikely to ever come up.

Donating Time
There are a couple of things that I'm always very appreciative of on the site.


I'm an amateur at all of this, and the whole project is a hobby. One thing this means is that I don't have a great sense of design. If there's something that you find frustrating about the site, odds are others feel the same way. If there's something you really hate (or like!) about the site, drop me a line at


Another great way to help out the site is with artwork. I'm particularly interested in a series of portraits for all contestants in a season (or at least the top x) as an alternative to the official images. However, if you've got some idea for page styles, background images, or logos I'd love to see it!