The Rose Reckoner


The Rose Reckoner

Bachelor(ette) Fantasy Leagues Rose Buddies Style

Currently: The Bachelorette Season 14


The Rose Reckoner

Currently: Bachelorette 14


    (Picking the initial teams)
  • One pre-episode, one post-exits, one post-episode
  • Each contestant may be on up to two teams
  • No two teams within a league can be the same


    (Replacing eliminated contestants)
  • If a contestant gets sent home, you can replace them after a Rose Ceremony (called redrafting)
  • If multiple teams have to redraft, the team with the fewest total points picks first
  • From Ep. 2 on, the team in last place has the option to switch a contestant out between episodes, without them being eliminated


    (Lowering team sizes)
  • Once there are not enough contestants to redraft post-rose ceremony, team sizes drop by 1.
  • At Hometowns, drop down to 1-per-team no matter what.

watch the video explainer on cutbacks


Unless otherwise noted, the items below will only score you points ONCE PER LOCATION. Bachelor(ette) and Contestant keep kissing in the same hot tub? You only get points once. Get out of the hot tub and kiss in the pool? More points.
  • Family Approves: +10
  • Family Neutral: +5
  • Family Disapproves: -5
  • Cool Family: +10
  • Lame Family: -5
  • Good Date: +5
  • Lame Date: -5
Fantasy Suite
  • Obviously Hooks Up: +15
  • Stays Overnight: +5
  • Does Not Stay Overnight: -10
  • Bachelor(ette)'s Family Approves: +15
  • Bachelor(ette)'s Family Does Not Approve: -10
  • Proposal Accepted: +30
  • Proposal Rejected -10